1. Will you provide me with additional information without obligation?


2. Can you give me information on properties that are not your own listing?

We can provide you with information on any property listed with any agent in Saskatchewan.

3. Will you custom design a personal service package to suit my individual needs?

Yes. Everything we do is customized specifically for you.

4. What kind of marketing can you do?

We can provide all levels of marketing. We can begin with a basic marketing package including MLS® listing and newspaper ads through to 3D virtual tours, tv and radio including high end marketing materials for luxury properties. Ask about the individual marketing packages suited to your property in your market.

5. Can I change my choice of options at any time during the listing contract?

Yes, without penalty.

6. Do I always retain the right to show my home myself no matter which option I choose?


7. Why should I engage you to represent me when I am showing my home myself?

In most cases we are very poor negotiators for ourselves. Sellers are often too rigid and do not understand the significance of being flexible on certain issues. They often risk turning the buyer away. The problem that most sellers face is that buyers expect that they – not you – are entitled to the money you are saving on real estate commissions.  A ‘lowball’ offer with a lower purchase price is the usual result making it very difficult for the seller to get a higher price.  My training and my experience will bring objectivity to the table and keep both parties willing to continue the negotiating process.

8. Is it my choice whether or not I cooperate with other agents?

All my options require that sellers offer a buyer brokerage fee for good reason. Between 85% - 90% of all home are sold with the assistance of a buyer’s agent through the MLS system. The power of the real estate community is paramount to the services I offer. I will mobilize the entire real estate community on your behalf, but remember, if you procure the buyer yourself, the buyer brokerage fee is eliminated. You only pay for the service you end up using.

9. Can I show my own home and host my own public open houses?

Yes, and I will provide the advertising to get the buyers there.

10. Why do some buyers prefer to make direct contact with the seller?

Many buyers appreciate actually meeting the seller to receive information directly about the house.

Most sellers, not all, are very capable of showing their own home. What buyers want, as well as sellers, is to have a professional prepare all the paperwork and to attend to all the related details associated with the sale.

11. Are there taxes on the sale price of my principal residence?


12. Are there taxes on the fees paid to real estate agents?

Yes. 5% GST and 5% PST, except there are no PST on the fees related to the sale of a new home or condominium. These taxes are only paid upon successful completion of a sale and are disbursed by your lawyer at closing.

13. Can I cancel at any time?

If I have not provided the services I promised, I will cancel our agreement without penalty.

14. Why do most real estate agents not publish their fees?

Every agent will determine their value for services rendered on an individual basis and guided by the brokerage they are associated with. Most will offer their services as a percentage of sale compensation. The reason most don’t publish their fees is because they are somewhat negotiable. Some charge the same fee no matter how your home sells. It is my position that one size no longer fits all and therefore I offer various pricing levels dependant on the marketing levels required.

15. Do you carry Errors & Omissions Insurance and what value does that bring to me as your client?

Yes. It remains my responsibility to ensure the accuracy of all information assembled in offering your home for sale. As a registered real estate agent I am scrutinized by 3 separate regulators and held accountable to abide by the strictest rules of conduct in the industry and I take this responsibility very seriously. If something does go wrong with the transaction, as it sometimes will, my E & O Insurance protects both you and I from most subsequent claims that may arise. Why would you want to take any risk when I can shoulder it for you?

16. Are you bound to Fiduciary and Duty of Care guidelines if I give you my business?

Yes. These are clearly disclosed in writing when we meet for a personal interview.

17. How much experience do you have and how successful are you?

Please refer to the “Meet Meaghan” page of my website.

18. Will you assist me in determining how much I should offer for a buyer’s brokerage fee?

Yes. I will position you to be competitive so that agents will be rewarded for showing and selling your property.

19. How extensive is your marketing and advertising program?

I have access to and offer all the traditional marketing mediums: newspaper, internet, yard signage, MLS® exposure, buyer automatic email, agent tours, virtual tours, public open houses, RE/MAX agent networking, RE/MAX corporate referrals, social media and more. The selection or combination of the mediums that you feel you need will determine the amount of exposure your property receives.

20. Do you offer ‘mere postings’ on the MLS® system?

No. Mere postings do not require a real estate agent to provide any service other than posting their property on MLS® but the agent is still responsible. This effectively leaves sellers on their own to handle every aspect of the sale all by themselves. I am not comfortable putting my clients at the level of risk ‘mere postings’ expose them to. I have concerns that sellers who do not have adequate representation are more susceptible to being taken advantage of by a sophisticated buyer or by an agent representing the buyer. Remember, buyer’s agents are obligated to protect the interests of the buyer, not the sellers. Sellers should have experienced representation when dealing with buyer’s agents or when dealing directly with buyers. My experience has taught me that there are too many pit falls for a buyer or seller to try navigating through all of the issues on their own.



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